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Mar. 22nd, 2012 05:25 pm
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Feb 14:

Nepeta arrives in Ariel. There she meets Rise who fills her in.

Note: Only the Rise thread has been canonized.

Post 1: First Post

Feb 15:

Rose & Nepeta catch up

Speaks with Levi about venturing outside the walls.

Feb 16:

Feb 17:

Moirails reunite

Meets Vivi

Feb 18:

Feb 19:

Feb 20:

John being an adorable dork

Feb 21:

Feb 22:
Sleepover with Rise

Feb 23:

Karkat arrives

Feb 24:

Spends time with Masaomi in the park

Feb 25:

Feb 26:

Expedition outside the walls

Feb 27:

Feb 28:

Feb 29:
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Kinks here, nsfw link

Feel free to opt out of text quirk here as well.
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25 - Nep arrives

27 - Meets Rai and Jericho

28 - Speaks with Initiative

29 - Tries to keep Equius from revealing too much to the Condesce.

30 - Talks to Karkat about the Condesce's arrival


2 - Kazumi introduces her to anime.

3 - Speaks with Equius and Jericho at mission briefing #1

10 - Talks with Feferi & Karkat about quadrants.

12 - Meets Katniss


Nov. 4th, 2011 03:13 pm
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Homestuck wanted @ [livejournal.com profile] witchesreign. Canon and AU!

Currently Have: Humans:

Canon!Rose Lalonde
AU!Dave Strider (David Lalonde)


Canon!Nepeta Leijon
Canon!Vriska Serket
AU!Eridan Ampora (Singularity history)

The AU Dave is David Lalonde from the Violetesence AU.

Currently Reserved: Canon!Kanaya Maryam

Currently Wanted: Pretty much everyone.

[livejournal.com profile] witchesreign is a very small, laid back game set in the FF8 world. No knowledge of the game is necessary--I myself have not played it and found it very easy to get into the swing of. It is comm based and allows for a canon character, and one AU of them. You can also play your character as having been there for some time already. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
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Maito Gai [livejournal.com profile] spandexisyouth - Training log next month.

Train with him? She's a good fighter but rather dependent on her claws, could use help in hand to hand/other weapons perhaps? It would be good to have something to work on to help keep her focused/grounded.


Ask Nepeta

Aug. 10th, 2011 07:30 pm
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Ask Nepeta

((ooc; I did something like this before with Winry, and have been inspired by the recent ask blogs on TUMBLR to try it here since I have no artistic talent. Ask Nepeta anything, ICly, OOCly or "anonymously". Just put it in the subject if you are doing the latter xD

You can also ask for Trollcops!Nep, Mirrorverse, or FFstuck. Just let me know which in your comment.
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1. Nepeta makes a contract with Kyubey

Yea you know what that means...an AU is just around the corner which means I should actually watch that anime xD

2. Making amends with a soberzee (AUish)
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You are FIFTEEN YEARS OLD and a bit of a MISCHIEF MAKER. Years of living in the SLUMS of MIDGAR have made you quite the adept fighter, and you are use to scavenging the TRAIN GRAVE YARD for treasures of all sorts even if it is riddled with monsters and unsavory sorts.

You are quite good a wielding DAGGERS, THROWING KNIVES, and unusually BOWS. You love to paint and your multiple MURALS litter the slums, the few spots of beauty to be found in them. You have one HAVEN which is an abandoned church that is full of all your paintings and STRANGE ARTIFACTS AND TRINKETS you have collected. And CATS. So many cats.

You kind of are and kind of aren't a member of SCRATCH. You have for a long time been playing something akin to a GOPHER for them and help with treating the injured since you have an unnatural compatibility with SUPPORT MATERIA but it kind of pisses you off how you are treated like the baby of the group. Even if you are. You are tired of being left out of discussions and missions but soon that is going to change because YOU ARE TAKING THINGS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS.
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Letter #1

:33 < hello karkitty
:33 < this is furrom nepeta
:33 < eheh but i guess you already figured that out
:33 < sorry
:33 < um
:33 < so
:33 < i guess i just wanted to say
:33 < that i really really liked you
:33 < in a sort of flushed way

:33 < that you are a really impurrtant purrson to me
:33 < that i loved you
:33 < that i think i may be red fur you
:33 < i wish i could tell you in purrson
:33 < but i thin it might be better this way
:33 < i guess thats all i just wanted to get it off my chest

Letter #2

:33 < karkitty
:33 < im flushed fur you
:33 < do you like me too?
:33 < check one and slip under my dorm room

[ ] oh yessss :33 [ ] oh noooo :((

Letter #3

:33 < furrocious like a purredator hunting its purrey
:33 < oh god why am i even trying this

Letter #4

:33 < hi karkitty!
:33 < i wanted to say thanks fur talking with me that one night
:33 < i was in a real bad spot then and
:33 < you really help me orient myself
:33 < so thanks fur that
:33 < in fact i f33l theres lots I should thank you fur
:33 < like

[the rest is completely scratched out making it impossible to read]
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STUDENT: #84765
DORM: B123


IC Survey

Apr. 30th, 2011 07:20 pm
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(As this questionnaire is entirely IC, your character is free to lie.)
What do you prefer to be known as? You can call me Nepeta! Or aC, I will answer to either one. Or by my last name if you want, I guess, but that's purrty stuffy!

How old are you? I am six solar sweeps!

Do you have any history in combat? Heehee, well I've purrty much been fighting all my life! That's how it is fur lotsa trolls but a lotta them think I'm purrty weird about it too. It's beclaws I didn't really grow up in regular cities or hives like most, I live out in the wild! So I grew up fighting giant musclebeasts and other fauna too.

If so, have you ever killed? Not another purrson or troll, no, just animals. And even then only so I could get what I needed fur me and my lusus to survive! Oh, and I guess the monsters furrom SBURB but I dunno if they really count.

i) How do you feel when you get involved in some project that calls for immediate and rapid activity? Excited! I love to help in whatever I can and I like to be on the ball!

ii) Do you organize and initiate leisure activities? Sometimes?? Well not really, since I live so far furrom most trolls I never really interacted with many to be honest...and except fur Terezi and Equius no one really visited me in my cave.

iii) What role do you take when working in a group? Whatever is needed but I was one of the best fighters amongst my furriends! Once we got to the Veil though I did my best to keep everyone's spurrits up. It was a hard time fur everyone but you can't let yourself get down about the things, otherwise that's it! You've gotta be pawsitive and work towards making things better!

iv) How talkative are you around other people? Heehee, I guess I'm purrty talkative. I'll talk to anyone and am always happy to make new furriends.

v) What three things would you want to have with you on a desert island? State your reasoning. Three things? Naaah. I don't really need three things. There are three people I wish I could be with though! My moirail Equius, my best furriend Terezi, and Karkitty. If I haveta pick object though umm. Well really the only thing I can think of is my computer tablet to keep in contact with others but that wouldn't really work on a desert island would it? Naah. I don't need anything but my furriends. Being on a deserted island would be loads of fun.

vi) Is it important to be liked by a wide range of people? Not in purrticular? It's nice, but it's better to have a small group of really close furriends, isn't it?

vii) When the odds are against you, is it worth taking a chance? Of course! If it's fur something really impurrtant. Besides it's much more furn when it's not all so easy.

viii) Do you consider yourself to be an impulsive person? Um. I don't think so, but I think a lot of people would say otherwise. I just think following your heart and sticking to your beliefs is something you should do.

ix) Would you agree that planning things ahead takes the fun out of life? Not really!

x) Do you like surprises? It depends on what kind of surpurrises!

xi) Do you sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with you? No but I again I think some people might say otherwise. They think I'm dumb or autistic or that I don't really realize when I'm being insulted but I do. I just don't purrticularly care fur unnecessary confrontation or that they think my rawrplaying and shipping is dumb, or that I'm weird fur living in the wild. I have fun. I enjoy doing it. It doesn't hurt anybody so why stop doing something I like just beclaws other people think it's dumb?

xii) Do you consider yourself to be smarter than your superiors, and disagree with their decisions? Hmm. I wouldn't say smarter but there was a lot I didnt agree with or like about how the Empurress and the Highbloods ran things back on Alternia. Karkitty though...he was our leader during SBURB and a great one at that! I knew we could put our trust in him, and I would do anything he asked of me.

As fur the people here. Well I guess we'll just have to wait and see, huh? Heehee.

xiii) Lastly, how do you feel about cabbages?

Bluh! Fluffbeast food.

WR App

Apr. 30th, 2011 07:15 pm
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Name: Emely
Journal: [livejournal.com profile] wishingforvilla
Contact: plurk: CalledVertigo

Character Name: Nepeta Leijon
Series: Homestuck
Gender: Female
Age & Canon Point: 6 solar sweeps/13 human years & Act 5-2 (high for spoiler): as she is being beaten by Gamzee
Requested Sponsor: Carbuncle
Entry position (Cadet, SeeD, Instructor, other): Cadet
History: Wiki Link
Abilities & Physical Abnormalities: Nepeta, as a troll, has tougher skin both figuratively and literally than a human does. Trolls are a race built on violence and fighting, in fact, one of the first things they must do when born is endure a series of obstacle to reach the surface of their home world. Most end up dying, so those that actually survive must have some amount of mangrit in them. That or be very, very lucky. Nepeta falls into the former category--she was able to withstand being stabbed three times straight through the chest and survive before being brutally obliterated by Great Balls of Green Fire.

On top of that she is a huntress. She lives in a cave with her Lusus, a playful, if enormous white cat. She hunts her own food, and as Terezi states "YOU K1LL B1G 4NIM4LS W1TH YOUR B4R3 H4NDS!" While her personality may indicate otherwise, if need be she most definitely knows how to fight. She is strong, and very swift, even by trolls standards. True to her more feline attributes, she has some heightened senses, particularly in smell and hearing.

Personality wise, despite her love of The Hunt, Nepeta is surprisingly kind for a troll. In the troll session of SGRUB Nepeta is the Rogue of Heart. This means she will likely get along with people much better than your average troll.

She also makes a smashing cup of tea.

Personality: When Nepeta is first introduced she seems like she is going to be someone unhinged. She's got a slightly vacant expression on her face, she's in a dark cave, there is blood smeared all over the walls, and animal carcasses strewn on the floor. In some regards this is perhaps true, but something that is very important to keep in mind is the fact that Nepeta is a troll.

Trolls as a general are a very militant race. Quite literally from the moment they are hatched from their cocoon they have to fight for their survival, and if they are weak then they die, something which is considered good. After all, if the troll is incapable of defending itself, then it deserves to die instead of adding it's weakness to the genetic pool.

This aggressive nature shows up in Nepeta in her hunting. Unlike most trolls Nepeta does not live in a hive, she lives in a cave, presumably isolated from most packets of civilization. This means that she has had to mostly fend for herself. Like most trolls, she has a lusus which is the troll equivalent of a guardian, but again, like most trolls, the troll usually ends up taking care of the lusus more than the lusus takes care of the troll. Her lusus was a large but startlingly friendly and docile cat named Pounce de Leon. So on top of caring for herself, she also had to care and hunt for her lusus. In this she was relentless and ferocious enough to take down large beasts with only her hands and teeth. Killing is something that Nepeta can do with ease, and under the right circumstances without remorse.

Thats about where the influences of her species end, and even that is a bit of a stretch since she outright states that she only kills them in order to feed herself and her lusus, and given the decor of her cave she probably uses as much of the body as she can. When it comes to animals she absolutely adores them, especially those of the feline variety. In fact some might say she loves them a bit too much and that her like for cuteness and cats boarders on the obsessive, and at times creepy. She acts very much like a cat in many aspects, pouncing on people, sometimes walking on all fours, wearing a fursuit (yes a fursuit) beneath her clothing, and trying to make as many cat puns as pawsible. Er, possible.

Nepeta is a rarity among trolls in that she is, well quite simply put, friendly. She likes to make new friends, loves to roleplay with others, and always tries hard to be kind to others despite what they might say to her. She dislikes confrontation as a general. If it's necessary, she will deal with it, but if not she'd rather just evade or ignore any skirmish, physical or otherwise. This sometimes makes it seem like she is stupid or oblivious since she doesn't address when people are being insulting, facetious, or passive-aggressive with her (which happens a lot, considering what species we're dealing with here) but it's just because she'd rather not address it. It isn't a stretch to say that to be able to do this, she must have a lot of patience as well.

This patience is further displayed in the fact that she is the moirail to who Karkat calls "THE ONLY GUY ON THE PLANET WHO'S A BIGGER ASSHOLE THAN ME." Of course this is Karkat saying this, so it's quite the exaggeration, but Equius can indeed be a handful. The role of a moirail is akin to a best soul-friend, but they must also act as the equilibrium to the other. In Nepeta and Equius' case she keeps him from getting to angry and keeping him from becoming violent as trolls on his side of hemospectrum are prone to do while he protects her and generally advises her on how to behave like a proper troll. It's a bit of a demanding job but she keeps to it, is absolutely loyal, and would want no moirail other than him.

One last prominent feature is how much of a romantic Nepeta is. She loves to see couples blossom, and actively 'ships' people she thinks would make good couples. In her case she had a shipping wall in which she drew all possible combination of pairings between her friends, and made comments on them, and kept track of the ones that were canon, so to speak. She herself has a rather large crush on Karkat, and while he is very aware of this in the discussions we have seen between them (which have been...two) she hasn't mentioned it or brought it up. She is very discreet. After all, no one would notice that giant picture she drew on the wall of them snogging.

For more on her personality and background you can check out this post where I dissect all the scenes in which she is in. Unfortunately there aren't that many.

What are your plans for the character in-game? Mostly I want to flesh Nepeta out as a character more, since in canon she is simply filler. Considering the canon point she is coming from, a lot depends on if an Equius applies soon or not. If one does not, Nepeta is going to be faced with the prospect of living a life without her moirail which will definitely be a difficult thing for her to do. She'll likely be depressed for a good while before she is forced to pick herself up and become a bit more independent and maybe a little more subdued. Where she goes will largely be influenced by the people she meets and whatever happens in her new home. Either way she is in for a lot of development.

Anything else? -----------


i) Character Survey

iv) Log Thread
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Born of this meme

Name: Nepeta Leijon
Gender: Female
Race: Troll
Age: 13. I DUNNO are we keeping them the same age?
History: Much like her original, Nepeta was picked up by the lusus Pounce de Leon. For the first couple years of her life she lived in the wilderness, hunting for her food and making everything she needed out of the animals that she killed and things she could find in nature. During her travels with her lusus, which in no way included the search of something so ridiculous as the Fountain of Cute. Probably something more like...the Fountain or Impeccable Orderliness, they of course came across other trolls and more civilized places which made Nepeta wonder why she wasn't there. Having seen what she had been missing, she quickly decided to settle down into a proper hive. It was still in a fairly isolated area, but much closer to other trolls than her cave had been.

She built herself a fairly upscale hive and from there began to get herself educated. She wanted to leave everything of her past life behind so much, that she even began to become a bit of a germaphobe and definitely a bibliophile. She couldn't believe that a sweep or so again she use to live in a cave, rarely ever bathe, and couldn't read or write. In a way it grew to a small bit of resentment towards her lusus, and a great distaste for animals in general. She had been no better than them back then, and they only served as a reminder of that. Her tail and cat-like appearance didn't help matters much, but thankfully Pounce de Leon grew to be the one exception to her otherwise dislike of animals. She was still her lusus after all, and only meant the best.

Her life for the most part has otherwise been uneventful. She studies and trains but for the most part keeps to herself.

TENTATIVE. More will likely be added once I figure out her relations with others.

Appearance: To come later but bla bla tail is real, dresses very professionally sdiu.

Personality: The thing most important to Nepeta is efficiency. She is all about what works the best and to her that comes primarily from three things: 1. not allowing yourself to be over emotional, 2. training both your body and mind, and 3. not indulging in any trivial romance nonsense. This has led Nepeta to be an incredibly collected, even stoic at times troll. She speaks clearly and calmly at all times, and doesn't often smile or frown (though she does the latter more than the former). She puts reason before her heart which means she doesn't particularly care for the hemospectrum, but she will pay respect where it is expected.

She is very fond of orderliness in everything in her life. In her hive, in how she dresses, and in how she acts. She is also a stickler about hygiene and personal space so she will always be impeccably clean and avoid any sort of contact if at all possible. You can even say that she is a bit of a verminophobe.

She is neither overly nice, or overly mean. She is very willing to help people, even if there is nothing in it for her, but she can be very blunt and sometimes caustic if she finds someone to be in the wrong. It's pretty difficult to get her to feel too strongly about you otherway but she will behave amenably with most everyone unless given a reason not to.

She doesn't care much for animals except her own lusus, but still as a general does not like cats which means she is very embarrassed by her own appearance. She keeps her tail wrapped around her leg and hidden under her skirt. It's one of her few reaction buttons but you've still got to press it reeaaalll hard to get anything out of her.

When she DOES get angry however she reverts back to how she use to be. The cat puns start popping up, she gets quite violent, and pretty much starts craving blood.

Abilities: She doesn't have quite as much brawn as her canon counterpart, but she is still very speedy, agile, and skilled. She got rid of her clawkind since that was too close combat for her (and thus liable to get her messy) so she took up the scythe since it gives her a bit more room to maneuver and she thinks it's damn classy.


Character Relations:
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Man I probably should transfer all this shit to one journal...uh.

Mostly taken from here.

For upcoming girls log. After which Im taking an internet hiatus. If you want to make plans with any of my girls let me know, or if I was mistaken and you don't want to do one of the things mention below.

Girls Log

w. Momo | makeover
w. Jeanne | convince her to come
w. Sheryl | talk about working for NL
w. Karkat | meet, talk about romcoms?
w. Terezi | plan counter attack on crashers
w. Dave | meet, talk about music?
w. Ran Fan | makeover (ehuhu)
w. Pia | meeting!

w. Mary | meeting!
Open Karaoke thread
Open Makeover thread

w. Pia | in same group! anything!
w. Aradia | playing with hair, discussions
w. Lady | more CR!
w. Momo/Rikku/Jade(?) | lady mechanics unite
w. Vanille | chatting
w. Franziska (?) | good chance to meet? tag if possible

w. Jade | be traumatized by Black Swan B|
w. Toph | hanging out
...needs moar

w. Feferi/Rikku/Jade | coffee craze / network post
w. Aqua | kidnap her to get together
also needs moar


Mar. 31st, 2011 09:50 pm
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Will be updated as I come up with more. Last updated 5/18/2012

1. Not so much headcanon as just something I've decided to take more literally I guess? To my understanding Nepeta isn't really part cat, and her tail is just part of her fursuit. Yet in animations we see it moving which I'm sure it meant to just be something cute or a joke but in RP you can't really do that xD So for me, I've decided to actually make the tail something that Equius has built for her--though it is actually a part of body.

2. I think Terezi was the first troll that Nepeta ever met, since they both live out in the forest. She was the one who taught Nepeta how to read/write and a lot of other things like basic math and other skills. Before meeting Terezi, Nepeta was...I wouldn't say feral, but a lot wilder than she already is depicted in canon.

3. Equius built her her computer/tablet. Her coat was the first gift he gave her.

4. Equius is her moirail, but she considers Terezi her best friend and there is a very fine distinction with how she regards the two.

5. Her coat is humongous and has a lot of inside pockets which lead to another dimension. By which I mean she's always carrying around a lot of shit, sort of like Hagrid. Items she always has with her at any given time are: teacup, teapots, saucers, mixing spoons, herbs & teabags (various sorts), mice (dead and alive. but mostly dead), pens and paints of all colors, brushes, one notebook, loose change/boon dollars/death bucks, bagged pastries and a wooden carved heart [SC only].

6. She reacts to catnip.

7. Repeated horn enhancement spam in her mail back when she lived on Alternia made her slightly self-conscious about them

8. She has a very good sense of smell. Not as good as Terezi's wonder-nose but it helps her track down prey/people.

9. It's really, really hard to anger her. You can insult or yell at her all you want and she will just brush it off/ignore it.

10. She's a lot more perceptive than she might seen. Due to the latter she appears to be oblivious or someone who doesn't really pay attention but no--she just deliberately ignores that stuff.

11. There is actually quite a bit she doesn't know about her own culture, however, due to living away from any sort of civilization. The little she does know was probably taught to her by Equius.

12. Nepeta is incredibly friendly, and she'll try to make friends with just about anyone but she really isn't use to being surrounded by a lot of people. She's lived an almost hermetic lifestyle until now so being in a place as crowded, loud, and polluted as Death City/Balamb has slowly been chipping away at her patience and comfort. I wouldn't be surprised if sometime when she ends up going on a mission, she ends up wanted to stay there.

13. Catgirl can't swim, no surprise there.

14. She adores cute things of course, but she wouldn't never wear any dresses, skirts, or frilly things. That's about as outside of her comfort zone as you can get. Even not having her oversized jacket on makes her feel insecure.

15. She is a surprisingly good cook. She makes the best pot of tea you will ever taste, and mostly makes baked goods to go along with that (sorry John) but she can make other things as well!

16. For all her affectionate ways (hugging, pouncing [and those two she really only does with Equius and sometimes Terezi] bumping her head against others and other catlike signs of affectionate she's actually pretty damn shy with anything beyond that. She does those things she doesn't really see them as particularly intimate but just a way of saying I like you, or as a form of trying to cheer them up.

17. She writes fanfic of her friends and herself, but she always replaces them with different people. Yet it's always really, really obvious who the people are suppose to represent.

18. She use to have really long hair like the Disciple's, but she cut it be to short like Terezi's in hopes of becoming more attractive to Karkat. (In [community profile] witchesreign she has since grown it out again).

19. She really enjoys swing jazz music.

20. She is a bit claustrophobic but more in a...way related her freedom? Obviously crawling into vents did not bother her in the slightest but. She is so use to being able to run free in the forests back in Alternia that being confined to a city or any overly enclosed place makes her incredibly nervous and restless. If she doesn't think she'd be able to get out of a place to just run around at her leisure it'll chip away at her.
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Player Information
Name: Emely
Personal Journal: [livejournal.com profile] wishingforvilla
Contact Info: plurk: CalledVertigo
email: ringcampana@gmail.com
Other Characters: N/A

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